Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ladies Self Defence Tutorial-Belmont

Our recent tutorial was attended by 20 plus students, everyone enjoyed themselves and gained valuable knowledge in the avoidance of potential confrontations as well as practical defences relating to physical attacks.
We will be conducting another tutorial in early New Year for both men and women combined.

Those interested can register their name with Hanshi as soon as possible.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Important Dates for ALL students-2017

Please take note of the following diary dates as this is a very busy time of the year.
Wednesday 25th October-East Geelong Dojo closed due to Geelong Cup Public Holiday
Saturday 28th October-Relay for Life Zenshin Demonstration
Sunday 29th October- Kyu Grade Promotion
Tuesday 31st October-Black Belt Sparring 8pm: All First Kyu students are invited to attend
Tuesday 7th November-Black Belt Promotion at Belmont 7pm start
Tuesday 14th November-Black Belt Promotion at Belmont 7pm start
Saturday 18th November-Senior Black Belt Promotion from 12.30pm at Try Boys
Sunday 17th December-Zenshin Children's Christmas Party 3-6pm
Sunday 17th December-Kyu Grade Promotion
Tuesday 19th December-Last Black Belt Class for 2017-TBA

Geelong Cup Day Public Holiday Dojo closure-Wednesday 25th October 2017

The East Geelong Dojo will be closed on Wednesday 25th October due to the Geelong Cup Public Holiday.

All other classes during this week remain unchanged.

Zenshin Children's Christmas Party-Sunday 17th December 2017

The Zenshin Children's Christmas Breakup will be held on Sunday 17th December from 3.00pm to 6.00pm.
This function is open to all Junior students currently training in the Dragons and Tigers classes at Belmont, Torquay, East Geelong, Herne Hill and Leopold Dojos.
To be held at: All 4 Kids Indoor Play Centre, Level 1, 57 Church Street, Geelong West, Victoria 3218
Food and drinks available to purchase at the centre.
Please see your Zenshin Instructor for details.

Reminder to all Senior Students

A reminder to all Senior Students (Purple onwards):
  • All Senior Students are required to assist with children's classes at the Belmont Dojo under Hanshi's instruction (Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays)
  • Lion students are also welcome to assist instructors
  • This is as a pre-requisite for promotion ie if you are not assisting you will become ineligible for promotion. 
  • Please see Kyoshi Rhonda or Sensei Tracy to put your name on the roster.
  • A roster is completed each week and all students need to be included on the roster to ensure there are enough Assistant Instructors at each class.
  • Sensei Scott is also looking for Assistants on Mondays, and Saturdays at Torquay, and Thursdays at Herne Hill
  • Please ensure Hanshi sights a copy of your Working With Children's Check.

Senior Black Belt Promotion-November 2017

All students, friends, family members and interested public are invited to attend the upcoming Black Belt Promotions on:

Tuesday 7th November-Black Belt Promotion Pretest at Belmont from 7.00pm
Tuesday 14th November-Black Belt Promotion Pretest at Belmont from 7.00pm
Saturday 18th November-Final stage at Try Boys Basketball Stadium from 12pm

Black Belt Training-October / November/ December 2017

Dates for Black Belt Students
Tuesday 3rd October-General (Lion Kouhai's invited to attend)
Tuesday 10th October-Weapons Kumite
Tuesday 17th October-Weapons Kihon/Kata
Tuesday 24th October-Technique
Tuesday 31st October-Sparring 
Tuesday 7th November-1st Black Belt Pretest 
Tuesday 14th November-2nd Black Belt Pretest 
Saturday 18th November-Senior Black Belt Promotion
Tuesday 21st November-Kata
Tuesday 28th November-Kali
Tuesday 5th December-General (Lion Kouhai's invited to attend)
Tuesday 12th December-Technique

N.B Above schedule subject to change if necessary
  • Senior Black Belt Students are reminded that training in Black Belt Class is a priority class, and all Black Belt students are expected to train unless Hanshi has received an apology prior to class
  • Senior Black Belt Students are reminded Black Belt Training may begin between 7.40 and 8.00pm, so please be prepared for an early start
  • Lion (Junior) Shodan Black Belts permitted to train in-Sparring / General /Kali classes if they so desire (not mandatory though)
  • Lion (Junior) Nidan Black Belts permitted to train in all the above classes ( Recommended, although not mandatory)