Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Highton Dojo-Sunday 26th March 2017

The Highton Dojo will be closed for classes on Sunday 26th March 2017. 

Monday 13th March 2017-Labour Day Public Holiday

The Belmont and Torquay Dojos will be closed on Monday 13th March for the Labour Day Public Holiday.
Classes will run as normal on Saturday 11th March at Torquay and Sunday 12th March at Highton.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Black Belt Training-February 2017

Dates for Black Belt Students-
Tuesday 7th February-Technique
Tuesday 14th February-Sparring
Tuesday 21st February-Weapons (Kihon/Kata)
Tuesday 28th February-Weapons (Kumite)
Tuesday 7th March-General
Tuesday 14th March-Kata/Kali

N.B Above schedule subject to change if necessary
  • Senior Black Belt Students are reminded that training in Black Belt Class is a priority class, and all Black Belt students are expected to train unless Hanshi has received an apology prior to class
  • Senior Black Belt Students are reminded Black Belt Training may begin between 7.40 and 8.00pm, so please be prepared for an early start
  • Lion (Junior) Shodan Black Belts permitted to train in-Sparring / General classes if they so desire (not mandatory though)
  • Lion (Junior) Nidan Black Belts permitted to train in all the above classes ( Recommended, although not mandatory)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Kyu Grade Promotion-February 2017

The next Kyu Grade Promotion will be held at the Belmont Headquarters on Sunday 19th February 2017.

Seniors and Lions-9.00am

Please be on time, and place forms and payment in a named envelope.

  • Eligible students will be invited to attempt promotion by Hanshi.
  • All Senior Students (Purple onwards) are required to assist with children's classes as a pre-requisite for promotion ie if you are not assisting you will become ineligible for promotion. If, for some reason, a student is unable to assist please contact Hanshi as soon as possible.
  • In order for all students to grade to the next level they must participate in sparring classes. All students need to spar regularly before being invited to grade (either stripe or belt). If a student is not sparring then they will be ineligible for promotion.

Return to Training-all classes operating as normal.

From Monday 30th January all class will return to normal times.
Belmont Dragons classes resume from Tuesday 7th February and Thursday 9th February 2017.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Australia Day Dojo Closures 2017

The Belmont, Herne Hill and Leopold Dojos will be closed for the Australia Day Public Holiday on Thursday 26th January 2016.

Return to Training 2017

Normal Training Schedule for the following Dojos for 2017:

Highton Dojo-Sunday 22nd January 2017
East Geelong Dojo-Wednesday 4th January 2017
                              -Junior Belt Black Class returns Friday 3rd February at 6pm
Leopold Dojo-Thursday 5th January 2017
Torquay Dojo-Saturday 7th January 2017
Herne Hill Dojo-Thursday 5th January 2017

The Belmont Dojo resumes on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

The following schedule will operate at the Belmont Dojo only until and including Tuesday 24th January 2017. The Belmont Dojo will be closed Thursday 26th January (Australia Day)

Belmont Dojo Schedule-Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until Monday 30th January 2017.

Tiger Graded (all levels-Orange to 1st Kyu)-4.55pm to 5.25pm
Tiger Green Plus- 5.30pm to 5.50pm (Sparring on Tuesdays)
Beginner-6.15pm to 6.45pm
Combined Senior Graded  and Black Belts-6.50pm to 7.50pm (Senior Sparring Mondays only)

Senior Black Belt Classes resume Tuesday 31st January 2017