Sunday, December 7, 2014

Recent Black Belt Promotions-November 2014

Special congratulations to our new Shihan Paul who received his Rokudan (6th Dan)...an outstanding achievement after 30 plus years of martial arts training!

Congratulations also to the other very worthy Dan recipients: Sensei John from our Ballarat Dojo and Senpai Julia to Nidan.

Congratulations to the following on their Shodan promotion-Senpai Quentin, Senpai Daniel, Senpai Darcy from Geelong, and Senpai Dane and Senpai Tait from Ballarat.

A very inspirational performance throughout the day.

More photos of this promotion can be viewed at Black Belt Promotion Photos 2014

Last Classes for 2014

Please note the following end of year classes:

Highton Dojo-Sunday 14th December at 10.00am
Herne Hill Dojo-Thursday 18th December
Leopold Dojo-Thursday 18th December (Beach Session)
East Geelong Dojo-Friday 19th December

Torquay Dojo-Monday 22nd December

Belmont Dojo-Tuesday 23rd December as per the following
  • Combined Tiger (all levels)-4.55pm to 5.30pm
  • Beginner-5.35pm to 6.10pm
  • Combined Senior Graded (all levels)-6.15pm to 7.15pm

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Junior Tiger Black Belt Promotion-Sunday 21st December 2014

The next scheduled promotion date is Sunday 21st December at the Belmont Dojo starting at 8.00am.

All Junior Tiger Black Belts and Tiger 1st Kyu students are required to participate in the sparring section of this promotion.

Zenshin Children's Christmas Break Up-Sunday 21st December 2014

The Zenshin Children's Christmas Breakup will be held on Sunday 21st December from 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

This function is open to all Junior students currently training in the Dragons and Tigers classes at Belmont, Torquay, East Geelong, Herne Hill and Leopold Dojos.

To be held at: All 4 Kids Indoor Play Centre, Level 1, 57 Church Street, Geelong West, Victoria 3218
Food and drinks available to purchase at the centre.
Please see your Zenshin Instructor for details.

Christmas Message from Hanshi

As it draws closer to the year's end we reflect on the previous 11 months and it has been a very busy and positive year. We have witnessed a steady increase in student enrolments across the various Dojos around Geelong. Our junior programs have experienced an overwhelming increase in numbers which has necessitated a reshuffle of classes to accommodate this surge in student attendence. As a result in the New Year at our Belmont Dojo we will restructure the Green plus Tigers classes to allow ease of instruction to individual belt levels.

Special mention to our Branch Dojos. Leopold- Senpais Paul and Jason (now the largest Martial Arts school in that area) and Torquay and Herne Hill-Sensei Scott, also the largest in the local areas. This speaks highly for the dedication, commitment and hard work of these fine instructors-keep up the great work!

Thank you to Sensei Tracy and assistant instructors at our East Geelong and Belmont on Thursday nights...an excellent job throughout this year-thank you for your inspiration and dedication!

Our usual Sunday morning classes at Highton Dojo allow for that extra training session for those who have a busy working week. Again thank you to Shihan Paul, together with the assistant senior instructors who assure all who attend receive excellent attention and instruction.

The highlight to end this year has been the special promotion to Shihan Paul after his many long years of training. He is an excellent role model and an invaluable right hand man who assists and supports me in working with our higher grade syllabus..a truly deserving recipient of this outstanding high level!

Also our Ballarat Dojo headed by Kyoshi Dick and Senpai Sue has gathered a strong panel of Black Belts and a steady growth of eager and dedicated followers..it is always great to catch up with our sister dojo and train together.

I would like to personally thank all my other assistant instructors who have given up their time to help with various classes throughout this year...your commitment has been very much appreciated.

Of course Zenshin would not experience the strength and growth during this year without the presence and consistent training of all its members (Beginners through to Black Belts) and I sincerely appreciate your belief in our system and each and everyone's commitment to persoanl growth.

I would like to extend my sincerest wishes for a Special and Joyful Christmas and that the New Year brings you and your family Health, Happiness and Contentment..

Osu Hanshi

Friday, December 5, 2014

End of Year Dates for all Students

Please note these important dates in your diaries:

Monday 8th December-Tiger to Lion Black Belt Promotion Pre Test at Belmont from 7.10pm
Sunday 14th December-Zenshin Senior Break up at Drumcondra Bowling Club
Sunday 14th December-Last Kyu Grade Promotion for 2014
Sunday 14th December-Final class at Highton for 2014
Monday 15th December-Tiger to Lion Black Belt Promotion at the Belmont Dojo 7.10pm
Thursday 18th December-Final class at Herne Hill for 2014
Thursday 18th December-Leopold Beach Training. Final class for 2014
Friday 19th December-Final class at East Geelong for 2014
Sunday 21st December-Tiger Black Belt Promotion at Belmont from 8.00am
Sunday 21st December-Children's Christmas Break up 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Monday 22nd December-Last class at Torquay for 2014
Tuesday 23rd December-Last classes at Belmont for 2014 (Revised timetable)


Annual Leopold Dojo Beach Training-Thursday 18th December 2014

The Leopold Dojo will hold their Annual Beach Training on Thursday 18th December starting at 6.15pm at the Main Surf Beach, Ocean Grove. Please see the flyer detailing information.

This training session is open to all students-Seniors, children and beginners-all welcome!

Normal classes will operate at the Belmont and Herne Hill Dojos on this night.