Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Wishes for all Zenshin Members

I would like to extend my sincere Best Wishes to all Zenshin members and their families as we approach the festive season. It has been a busy productive 2017 with many activities conducted throughout the year. I hope everyone has achieved what you set out to do at the start of the year. Challenges and difficulties seem to be part of our lifestyle-some face more than others but never the less they all impact our lives in varying degrees. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and make do with what we have, when we look around the world we start to realise that we are indeed fortunate to live in this relatively safe country compared to many in war ravaged and impoverished countries.
I again thank all my instructors for your support and assistance throughout 2017. Of course Zenshin would not exist without the loyal and dedicated students in all our dojos in Geelong and our Ballarat Dojos as well.
Again may everyone enjoy the Peace, Enjoyment and Love that I believe is an integral part of Christmas as well as Sharing and Support we can give to those around us in order to Uplift and give Encouragement to those in need.
May the New Year bring Health, Contentment and a New Zest of Life that will see you reach your personal goals throughout 2018.
Osu Hanshi

Kagami Biraki-Sunday 4th February 2018

The Kagami Biraki is the most important training session of the year-please make an effort to attend and be on time. This is a very special ceremonial training session to welcome in the New Year.

All students are encouraged to attend-from Beginners through to Black Belt Students.
The Kagami Biraki will be held at Torquay at the same location as last year-
  • end of Darian Road (on the left hand side as you enter Torquay) at Fisherman's Beach
  • starting at 9.00am sharp
  • approximately one hour class
  • please wear bathers under your gi and bring a towel and change of clothes

Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Social Club Raffle 2017

We are currently conducting a fundraising raffle through our social club. Tickets are available from each branch. Please see your instructor to obtain a booklet. A booklet comprises of 20 tickets at $2.00 each. First prize is 4 nights accommodation at any Rydges Hotel/Resort throughout Australia and New Zealand for 2 adults and 2 children.
We thank you for your support. There are still several books left.

Books are to be returned by 12th December.

Leonie Huf Memorial Trophy 2017

The recipient for the Leonie Huf Memorial Trophy 2017 is Senpai Anke Peart.

Leonie Huf, a former student, passed away tragically over 26 years ago whilst training in class. She was a dedicated student who enjoyed training and socialising with other students.
Each year her husband Peter dedicates this special award to a Zenshin student who displays enthusiasm, strong spirit and determination in their attitude to life.

Hanshi has selected Senpai Anke to be honoured with the award for 2017 for her ongoing support and assistance within Zenshin throughout the year-an excellent club member.
Congratulations Senpai Anke.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Zenshin Polo Shirts

We have excellent quality Zenshin Logo Tee Shirts available for ordering at all branches.

Childrens 6 to 14      $38.00
Adults available S-XXL    $40.00

Available in white and black only.

Please see your Hanshi for details.

Limited number of sizes left.

Tiger Junior Black Belt Promotion-December 2017

The next scheduled Tiger Black Belt Promotion date is Saturday 2nd December at the Belmont Dojo starting at 7.30am. Everyone is welcome to attend and support.

All Junior Tiger Black Belts and Tiger 1st Kyu students are required to participate in the sparring section of this promotion.

November Black Belt Promotions 2017

Congratulations to the following recipients:

Shihan Dick Bartels, Chief Instructor Ballarat Dojo, promoted to 6th Dan. After 30 plus years of training Shihan received  this prestigious honour-an excellent effort and well deserved.

Senpai Julia promoted to 3rd Dan, Senpai Sue (Assistant Head Instructor Ballarat Dojo) to 2nd Dan, Jai Nelis, Josh Kiss and Katrina Hunt to Senior Senpai Shodan and Cameron, Ethan, Mason and Mitchell to Junior Shodan Lion.

It was a high standard and a strong display by all participants. Well done!

Unfortunately Senpai Tangi sustained a severe muscle tear in the preliminary trials and had to withdraw from further training.